Kids Run Squad | 2013 Highlights

KIDS RUN SQUAD was launched in Term 4 last year and we had a great 10 week term!

This term we focused on 'arm technique' and introduced a number of different drills working with agility poles, hoops, hurdles and ladders. We concentrated on coordination, speed and good technique, whilst also learning the importance of patience - waiting on the start line for our turn, tagging in team relays during drills and encouraging one another.



MERRY XMAS & New Year Training

We would like to wish all our wonderful clients and followers are VERY MERRY XMAS, SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

REMEMBER - drink and be merry in moderation, and don't undo all the great work you have done this year. Of course, you can have a couple of treats - but just don't be silly about it.

The 'ibelieve' fitness crew will be taking a short break over the Xmas and New Year period, but we will be back on deck training in the great outdoors from Monday 6th January.

- PT....

Give or Receive the Gift of Fitness for Christmas!

We have a great range of Gift Ideas for Christmas - you may even like to ask for one of these packages for yourself!

All special package prices are on offer until 24 December 2013

Did you know that over the Xmas period the average Australian puts on around 1.5kgs? And according to Nutrition Australia researchers claim this weight is rarely lost. Giving the gift of Fitness is a great way to help kickstart a health and fitness program for the New Year either for you or your....

SCHEDULE IT… Your Workout Is An Important Meeting!

The excuse 'I don't have time for a workout' is wearing thin.

Let's be honest, a 1 hour workout is just 4% of your day - so there really is no excuse at all.

You need to MAKE time, get your priorities in order, and spend some time looking after yourself. Yes, at first if you are starting from scratch it is going to be hard, but trust me… it get's easier every time you step out that door and get that workout done.

Your workout is an IMPORTANT MEETING with yourself.....


About 70% of our adult body is made up of water. It’s little wonder we need water to keep ourselves hydrated. Water is very important as it is used to carry essential nutrients to your cells in the body and is used to flush out toxins. Here are 5 great reasons to up your water intake and/or switch to water away from sugary soft drinks and juices... 1. KICKSTART YOUR METABOLISM Consuming a glass of water on waking helps to kick start your metabolism. It really is like a wake up call to....

GETTING STARTED – ‘You just need to start’!

A lot of my friends and family who are thinking about starting or returning to exercise often ask me – how do I get started?

Quite simply… you just START!! Something is better than nothing. Don’t try to over complicate it. You don’t have to take on the world to get back into exercise - you just need to do something.

Now of course, that sounds easier said than done. For most people this is a daunting prospect and not everyone knows where to start. So here are 4 simple....

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