Eating Healthy Regularly

22 May 2017, Healthy eating at regular intervals is such an important part of the equation for any weight loss plan and long term healthy lifestyle. Exercise alone will only delivery you a certain level of results and without implementing a sensible healthy eating plan at regular times throughout your day, you just can’t expect to achieve your weight loss goals. In fact your eating will account for about 80% of your plan, and 20% will be effective exercise. I love sharing my favourite tips to help you get on track with good healthy eating for life….

1. Don’t skip meals
If you are skipping meals thinking that a lack of food at certain times of the day will help you lose weight, you will be creating a terrible mistake. Eating sensible portions of food at regular intervals is actually beneficial for your metabolism. Our bodies need food for fuel and good healthy food at the right intervals will help fuel your workouts and give you the right amount of energy for your day. If you skip meals, you are also more likely to over-eat when you are absolutely famished.

2. Importance of Breakfast
In particular I hear about people skipping breakfast because they either don’t have time, don’t make time or think that skipping breakfast is a great way to diet and reduce calories to help with weight loss. However, there really is a reason why they say that breakfast is the ‘most important meal of the day’.

Think about the last time your body had food – it was probably a good 8-10hrs or maybe even longer since you woke up. So with this in mind you will need healthy food to kickstart your day and provide your body with adequate minerals and nutrients to refuel the body and energise you for the day ahead. The right healthy breakfast also helps you think more clearly.

3. Water is just as important
Ensure you are getting plenty of water, around 2-3l per day (more on intense exercise days or hot days) and reach for a glass of water first to kickstart your day and your metabolism. It’s a great way to signal to the rest of your body that it’s time to wake up and get things moving.

4. Regular Intervals
Avoid leaving your body in starvation mode. Eating at regular intervals is a good way to keep your body fueled. Aim for every 3-4 hours with 5-6 main meal timings like this:
1/ Breakfast, 2/ Mid Morning Snack, 3/ Lunch, 4/ Mid Afternoon Snack, 5/ Dinner, 6/ After Dinner Snack (optional)
If you leave meal times until you are super hungry, then you are more likely to over eat to satisfy those hunger pains really quickly, so try to keep yourself content with regular interval eating in sensible helpings.

5. Portion Sizes
And finally portion sizes – of course over eating can be so easy to do particularly if you skip a meal or wait too long in between meals. So ensure that you are creating sensible portion sizes at each meal time. For main meals, a good indicator for the size of meat on your plate should be around the size of your fist or the palm of your hand. Then fill up the rest of your plate with fresh yummy veggies.
Fad diets come and go, I don’t believe in them as they make it so hard for you to maintain and lead a normal lifestyle. Learn to have a healthy relationship with food for a body that you can nourish and love, so that you can maintain a long term healthy lifestyle.

Good healthy eating for life!
Best wishes and happiness always, Di xo

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