Making Morning Exercise Part of Your Routine

19 Mar 2017, It can be too easy to roll over and hit snooze when the alarm goes off in the morning, however making morning exercise part of your routine can be such a great way to start your day. I never used to be a morning exerciser, but recently I have found this is the best way for me to fit exercise into my daily routine, especially with a little one at home where things don’t always go to plan during the day.

There’s lots of benefits and simple tips that will help you make morning exercise part of your daily schedule. Here’s just a few of them to help convert you into avoiding that snooze button!

Benefits of morning exercise…
1. It’s a great way to start your day – The endorphin rush from a morning workout is a great way to set yourself up and create energy for the rest of your day!

2. Think clearer – the buzz you get from starting your day with exercise can help reduced stress and help you think much more clearer for the rest of your day

3. It’s done! – For me there’s nothing more satisfying knowing that my workout is done. Leaving exercise to the end of the day can sometimes be tricky with things that pop up and disruptions throughout your day. No-one regrets a great workout and exercising in the morning means there are no excuses or guilt about getting to your workout after an exhausting day.

4. Fit more into your day – you will find that exercising in the morning will seemingly allow you to fit more into your day, feeling more accomplished and ready to take on the world

5. You feel more in control – You are more in control of sticking to your exercise routine if it’s done first thing! There’s usually no one else that can distract or tempt you away from sticking to your workout routine first thing in the morning other than yourself.

Tips for creating a morning exercise routine… particularly if you struggle with making morning exercise a habit

1. Prepare the night before – layout your clothes, socks, gym shoes, and pack your workout bag before you head to bed so all you need to do is get up, get dressed, grab your water bottle and GO! No excuses!

2. Go to bed earlier – not only are you catching some zzz’s and allowing your body to rest but you are also training your body to fit more into your day for better energy and stress management too. Start by going to be 15min earlier, then 30mins earlier and eventually 1hr later and then for the morning do the opposite – wake up 15mins, 30mins, 1hr earlier so your morning wake up and workout becomes a simple routine habit.

3. Grab a workout buddy – It’s so much harder to let down a friend. This way you are not only letting yourself down but your friend too, so you are much more likely to stay committed to your morning workout routine with a friend relying on you to stick with it.

4. Find a workout and environment that you love – whether it’s the type of workout -like boxing, circuit, running, cycling, dance class – or the place that you workout – welcoming people, atmosphere, outdoor bootcamp, or gym – this will help you look forward to getting your workout done so it’s a much more enjoyable routine

Morning exercise has honestly helped me to squeeze more into my day and allowed me to stay more alert and fresh for the day ahead. I hope you find these tips useful to create or stick to a morning workout routine, and whether you workout in the morning, middle of the day or evening – just find a way to move and stay active for at least 30 minutes a day with a view to improve your health and well being!
Healthy & happiness always, Di xo

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