NYC Post-Pregnancy Journey

29 August 2016, My post-pregnancy has started with me joining my hubby in NYC while he is completing some contract work. With 3 wonderful trainers in place back home to take our face to face sessions at ‘ibelieve fitness’ this has allowed me to keep my family together and also allowed me a focus in these early weeks to get started on my post-pregnancy fitness journey.

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Brody was born by C-section so the recovery has been a little slow to my liking as although I know it’s major surgery, i guess the reality of all had not really set in for me until after Brody had arrived. Add to all this the sleep deprivation and the post-pregnancy journey so far has been slow and as you will all notice the weekly newsletters have now become …. well monthly! Yes, it’s been practically a month since my last newsletter update to you all and Master Brody is now 6 weeks!

The great thing about taking my maternity leave in NYC in where we are based in the heart of Manhatten is the fact that I walk ABSOLUTELY EVERY WHERE!! This is perfect for the first few weeks of my post-natal fitness journey as I am only allowed to take it pretty easy. I still experience a bit of numbness around my scar from the c-section and my core is in my opinion pretty weak – even after being completely fit prior to falling pregnant and keeping up my fitness as best as I could for what was considered by my OB as a pretty high risk pregnancy.

So here’s what i’ve been doing….

Loads of light walking – don’t forget it’s summer over here at the moment and damn hot, like Tropical Cairns Hot! I started with 20-30minutes and now do 1-2hrs of walking and get my hear rate up!

Slow Squats and Lunges – trying to get my range of motion back to where it used to be so I’m practising Squats with a low bench behind me in our rental’s gym and/or low park benches when I’m out and about

Incline Push Ups, Overhead Presses and Chest Flys – for upper body strength. I started my push ups with basic ‘wall push ups’ and then progressed to a raised kitchen bench height and now I am down to very slow and monitored incline bench push ups.

Lot of pelvic floor – elevator pelvic floor 3x per day, opposing arm and leg, and in the last week I have been able to add Glute Bridges now that my lower tummy area is starting to heal following my C-section. Sit ups are still off the agenda for a little while yet until i get the all clear. I have about a 3-4cm ab separation I need to work around for now.

I would be happy to hear from anyone else about their post-pregnancy journey and what they were able to start on in their first few weeks before a full-on post-baby fitness journey.

Don’t forget you should always follow the guidelines from your GP or OB to ensure you are safe to train with any kind of exercise following giving birth and especially major surgery like a C-Section.

Best wishes and happiness always, Di xo

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