Preparing for City2Surf – Leg Power

13 June 2016, This is my 2nd tip for preparation in the lead up the City2Surf and in fact any running event that you are planning on entering – even if it’s just learning how to run your first few kilometres.

You need great leg muscle leg strength to power you on during your run. This is where compound exercises like Squats, Lunges and Calf Raises become an extremely important part of your training regime.

Build your quad, glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles to power you through long distance running. In particular the big body muscles like glutes (butt) and quad muscles become extremely important to carry you through your running training and preparation for running events.

SQUATS – and I mean proper squats where your butt pushes back and you squeeze those butt cheeks together on your way back up, driving through your heels. Knees are in line with your shins and your butt does the work. Yes, that’s right – if you train with me long enough face to face, these are the technique queues that I consistently sing out during a session. Keep your chest open and eyes up. Make sure you aim for a variety of squats to – standard squats (feet at hip width distance apart), narrow ‘chair’ squats, sumo squats or plie dancer squats, repeater pulse squats, horse squat (like in yoga), wall squats, backward hill squats and crab walks – so many options to choose from – mix and match for variety in your workouts and keep your body challenged!

LUNGES – Reverse Lunges, Forward Lunges, Repeater pulse lunges, Walking Lunges, Hill Lunges, Side Lunges, Curtsy Lunges, Around the World Lunges

PLYOMETRIC WORK – add in some jump lunges and jump squats to really up the ante in your workout, increase heart rate and challenge your body.

CALF RAISES – an area that often gets overlooked, but important to build strength in this area of the body to avoid burn out of your achilles, something that happened to me when I overtrained for run events prior to becoming a qualified personal trainer, and not understanding the importance of this muscle group. You can do this weighted or unweighted on a step or even just on the ground.

DON’T FORGET TO FOAM ROLL/STRETCH – Build in rest days to your training and ensure you have make time to stretch and recovery. I always find a good ‘foam roll’ session or ‘yoga’ session will help me with muscle recovery. This is a very important part of your training, so please try not to neglect time for muscle recover by making time to assist with sessions such as these – you can even do it in your own home in a small space.

Remember to be consistent with your training preparation and add extra kilometres to your running gradually as you get closer to the event. Good luck with your preparations! Any questions at all, please feel free to ask me in our members support group or via email.

– Good health and happiness always, Di xo

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