Quick Healthy Pre-Workout Fuels

6 February 2017, Every now and then we hear of people turning up to sessions without any ‘pre-workout fuel’ which results in a less than ideal workout performance! Usually the excuse is ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I just don’t know what to have’ before the class.

Having nothing before class will result in burning your fat stores, and while that is probably all good for a fat burning power walk, it’s probably not the kind of thing you need to fuel your high intensity Bootcamp workout. It’s like running your car on empty, and without fuel in your car (or the incorrect type of fuel), you don’t get very far – so apply the same logic to the way you fuel your workouts. This is also the same for eating unhealthy foods before a workout! The wrong fuel = poor results!

Early mornings… it can be hard to make time for a healthy meal and you may not even feel like anything at all. But you need something – just think about it, you probably haven’t eaten for a good 8-10hrs or even more if you ate a while before you went to bed. So you have effectively been fasting for that period of time. You need something to fuel your early morning workout.

Same deal with your evening squad workout, last time you probably ate was a few hours before your workout, and heading out to Night Squad with a full belly after dinner is not such a good idea as you won’t have time to digest it properly and will most likely end up with a belly ache or not being able to keep your food down.

My 2 top favourite pre-workout fuels that are easy grab and go options are:

Bananas and Grapes! Good simple carbohydrates which are digested quickly for an instant burst of energy!

BANANAS! Yes I love going ‘bananas’ for bananas! Packed with potassium for muscle and nerve function, bananas give you pretty much an instant burst of energy to help fuel your workout about 30-45mins before your session.

Grapes are also great for similar reasons – grab on the go and a virtually instant energy release – and I generally recommend this to anyone who feels light headed during a workout being so quick, tasty, juicy and so simple to eat on the run to class.

My no.3 favourite option is Oats – not so easy to grab and go as I like to warm this up with milk, but if you can make a little bit more time in the morning before you get dressed and head out the door to your early morning workout, this can give you a real steady release of energy for your workout, as they are full of fibre with a more gradual release of carbohydrates into your blood stream.

So there you have it, 3 quick healthy pre-workout fuel suggestions. Give some of these a go to help your workout next time and let me know how you do!

Health and happiness always, Di xo

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