Spring Fitness Clean Up

16 Oct 2016 – This time of the year it’s quite a common theme to do some ‘spring cleaning’ around the home, like de-cluttering, fixing up the garden and throwing out & recycling old clothes. Now is the time to apply the same concept to your fitness and help you get active for the warmer months ahead!

Here’s my Top 7 Spring Fitness Cleaning Tips!

  1. Fridge and Pantry – remove those temptations and comfort foods that may have made their way into your home over winter and restock with healthy options. If naughty foods are removed from the home, you have less chance of blowing out your nutritional goodness and helps you stay on track with weight loss and fitness goals
  2. Clothing – Clean out your wardrobe and invest in some new key pieces of workout wear to incentivize yourself to get active for the new season. I always find buying a new piece of activewear makes me excited about getting my workouts done. Try and get in the habit of laying out your workout clothes, socks, shoes, water bottle etc., the night before so you are ready to hit that workout the next day without any time wasting excuses.
  3. Gym Bag – get all your essentials together and pop them in a gym bag that you are proud to own making it easier for you to get your workouts complete. Some of these essentials may include towel, gym socks, deodorant, headbands, cap/visor, jacket, track pants, wind/wet weather jacket, water bottle, spare clothes, flip flops
  4. Water Bottle – check the seals and quality of your water bottle. I highly recommend the ‘Camelbak Eddy’ Sipper water bottles and I regularly check and replace the ‘bite valves’ every quarter to ensure the water is kept fresh
  5. New Workout Playlist – this is an absolute must to get you moving. Nothing like a fresh new playlist with songs that you love to keep you motivated. Music really helps me have fun while I workout and stay pumped right to the end
  6. Make a New Fitness Goal & Grab a Buddy – create a realistic goal to achieve by the end of the year and share it with your family and friends to help you stay committed. Then make it easier by grabbing a workout buddy like your partner or best friend to make sure you hit that target – you are less likely to skip a workout if you have a buddy on board with you, because you are letting them down as well as yourself if you miss it.
  7. Join an Outdoor Fitness Activity – make the most of the warmer weather and longer days and get outside with an outdoor fitness activity. Long Walks, Running, Cycling, Swimming or maybe even an Outdoor Training Group like ours to help you stay committed and make your workouts more fun.

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