Staying Fit During the Summer Heat

21 Jan 2018, With scorching temperatures it can be tempting to skip workouts and let your nutrition slip, so here’s some simple tips to get you through the heat of summer while staying fit and healthy at the same time!

1/Shorter High Intensity Workouts. Opt for completing shorter workouts but with higher intensity. Staying active with super high intensity bursts of exercise with little rest in between for complete workout times of around 12-15 minutes a day is a great way to squeeze in an effective workout over these hotter days. It’s been proven that shorter workouts with higher intensity are just as effective as hour long sessions in the gym.

2/ Stay well hydrated. Water on any day is important, and even more so on blazing hot summer days. 2-3 litres of water every day is a standard rule, but during super hot days and workout days make sure you get extra water on board to beat the summer heat. If you have little ones, make sure you closely monitor their water intake too.

3/ Cool down with Fruit Ice Cubes and Popsicles. There are so many wonderful seasonal fruit options to help you stay cool. My absolute favourites are mango, watermelon and grapes. You can make ice popsicles with some pieces of fruit inside or for a really simple idea that the kids will love too –  fill up an ice tray of water with some cut up pieces of your favourite fruits. Grab them from the freezer as a great little summer snack idea to help cool you down in the heat of the day.

4/ Fruit Salad. Again with so many wonderful seasonal fruits on offer, fruit salad is a great nutritious way to stay cool and super yummy. Great to accompany your breakfast or as a snack or desert after your main meal too.

5/ Simple Salads. Noone wants to spend hours in a hot kitchen over summer, so try some salads with a twist by including mango or orange pieces to add a bit of zingy flavour. Throw in some pieces of chicken, tuna or salmon for great protein.

6/ Water sports. Find some active water sport activities to help you cool down. This may be as simple as running under the sprinkler or having a supervised water fight with your kids for a bit of fun, finding a local water park (there’s a great one at our local Putney Park on Pellisier Road), laps at the local swimming pool or something more intense like water skiing, surfboarding and wakeboarding are all  great ideas to help you cool and active at the same time! Ryde Aquatic Centre also has a great Surf Ryder attraction for kids as young as 7 up to adults and a great indoor water play area.

Whatever you do this summer, don’t forget to stay active while you beat the heat! Aim for at least 15-30minutes per day!

Enjoy staying active! Best wishes and happiness always, Di xo

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