Nicole Ribera – Mum of Twins, Ermington

start-quaote As a busy mum of twins, I found I lacked the energy and motivation I needed to lose weight and look after myself. I had tried two gym memberships in the past few years, but found them limiting. There were too many rules and costs associated with creches for my twins, and time restraints. I also found my hardwork wasn’t paying off and became bored of the mundane gym routine.

ibelieve fitness suits my schedule to workout in the evening when my husband gets home, and also provides a supportive, encouraging and fun way to have some adult time, and feel so much better about myself. I now incorporate fitness into my life, squeezing in additional workouts and walks/jogs on weekends.

I’ve worked out in torrential rain (under shelters), scorching heat, in the middle of a cold winter and now at beautiful sunset in summer time – It’s so great to be outdoors!

So far on my journey, I’ve dropped 14 kilos, three dress sizes and I’m lighter now than I was when I fell pregnant! I’m well on my way to a healthier, stronger and mentally stronger me!end-quaote

Nicole has been attending our Night Squad classes since March 2015 and continues to train with us twice a week

Emma Limnos – Mum of 3, West Ryde

I began my ‘ibelieve fitness’ Mummy Bootcamp journey a few months after the birth of my second child and also trained all the way through my third pregnancy (as pictured) I thoroughly enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of all the other mums and trainers as well as the variety of the exercises to keep it interesting and challenging.

The Complementary Nanny Service provided during Mummy Bootcamp sessions is so invaluable – the nannys really work their magic to keep the children entertained so the mums can focus on working out. They are so professional, approachable, fun and fantastic multi-taskers. I often look over and see them simultaneously singing, rocking, pushing prams and opening food!

I continued to train the entire way through my third pregnancy up until week 39! Right up until my shoes didn’t fit anymore with swollen summer pregnant feet! The trainers always monitored me and gave me suitable alternatives to any exercises I couldn’t complete during my pregnancy. I can’t stress the difference I felt during and after when comparing my second and third pregnancies due to my fitness level. My high blood pressure had dramatically decreased, I had so much more energy, and only gained 8 kilos on the third pregnancy. Following a c-section, I recovered much better in order to chase after 3 small children and returned back to mummy bootcamp after my 6 week check up and all cleared to train once again.

Emma has been training 3 times a week with us at Mummy Bootcamp – and is an absolute testament to keeping fit and strong for a healthy pregnancy!

Philipa Concannon – Mum of 2, Gladesville

“I love training with Di’s team at ibelieve fitness – it is the first fitness program that has been successful for me in terms of ongoing commitment, with both physical results and most importantly for me, a healthy mental mindset. With two children under 5 finding the time to work out was a familiar issue or excuse for me. Being constantly tired and grumpy I needed an outlet.

Gym memberships have never worked for me long term as I don’t have a committed time to go or similar faces to see at each session.  Finding like minded people, with similar circumstances and challenges has made turning up to training that much easier.

The sessions are always varied, challenging and rewarding. Whether it be circuits, boxing, cardio or random games that crank up your heartbeat – they keep you moving and puffing. My favourite being boxing – it’s better than therapy!

The trainers are so encouraging and provide great advice on form and stretching as well as alternative exercises when needed to work around individual injuries or limitation. When I started I could not do a single burpee, and most core exercises made me cringe with my lack of strength. Now when a session ends with a few quick abs I love it because I can do more and feel muscles that I haven’t felt since I was a student!

After each session, I am more motivated and energised and the food choices I make for the rest of the day are always the best ones! I have now completed my first obstacle challenge with fellow ‘ibelievers’ which was something I never anticipated doing let alone enjoying!”

Philipa has been training with us since Feb 2016 and attends 4 times a week across Sunrise Squad, Mummy Bootcamp and Saturday Squads

Christy Shon – Mum of 2, Eastwood

After putting on 25kgs in each of my pregnancies, I just wasn’t able to get back to myself. I was unfit, overweight, tired and missed just being…me.

I lacked motivation and commitment, and exercising on my own just did not work and I found having kids was the biggest excuse. But then I found ibelieve fitness through Facebook and their ‘Mummy Bootcamp’ with nanny service for my little ones really appealed to me, so I contacted Di to give their free trial a go!

Immediately I got the most welcoming, thorough, super organised and friendliest response so that following week I did my trial and have not looked back and missed my weekly sessions since! ibelieve fitness caters for EVERYONE. Di is the most organised, yet flexible and accommodating trainer to suit your busy schedule and lifestyle. 

Now 18 months later, I still have about 4 kilos to go until I reach my goal weight, but I feel fit, toned, I can now confidently wear my skinny jeans and importantly I feel happy and full of energy. As a bonus, I have met some really great people and the sessions are really fun and motivating at the same time!

Christy has been training with us since 2015 and participates in Mummy Bootcamp twice a week

Annica Robertson – Corporate Exec, Ryde

“I trained with ibelieve fitness in the lead up to my wedding, and couldn’t be happier with the results I achieved. After a disappointing experience elsewhere, I was so excited to find the sense of community and encouragement from trainers who are so dedicated to helping you achieve your personal best!

Each class is always different and challenging and as a bonus I always leave class with a smile after a good laugh with other class mates, along with a sense of calm and self-satisfaction from such a great workout!

My fitness has improved so much and I have now overcome previous daytime fatigue and sluggishness. My sleeping patterns are much more consistent and I wake feeling so fresh in the mornings after exercise. I continue to train with ibelieve fitness for the supportive community and great workout environment!”

Annica has been training with us since Jan 2017 and trains with us 3 times a week in our Squad Groups – We are so excited about the results she achieved in time for her Wedding and Honeymoon!

Tara Davies – Mum of 1 North Ryde

start-quaote I love training with ibelieve fitness, training with you has made such a huge positive and healthy effect on my life post baby and the last 9 months of my maternity leave.

I am now returning to work healthier and feeling stronger than I have ever been! Thank you so much!end-quaote

Tara has been training with us since August 2016 and trains with us twice a week in both Mummy Bootcamp and Squad Sessions

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