Kun Zhang – Corporate Exec, West Ryde

start-quaote Di’s training style is so enjoyable! I have been working out with Di and the team at ibelieve fitness for more than 3 years now and I love that every session is unique, thoroughly planned and always packed with fun and intensity. Sessions can be tough and I may moan and groan to get through them at times, but at the end of every class I feel like I have done my body a huge favour, feeling so much more energised and my soul loves me for it!

Di encourages, pushes, cares and also provides additional advice and tips on how to live a healthier life outside of training sessions which has made a real difference for me.

I absolutely love the outdoor training style with fresh air and open space – it makes such a change from stuffy air conditioned gyms – plus I find working out in a group really encouraging! When I used to workout by myself it was easy to give up, but now having other workout buddies by my side it helps me to push so much harder and everyone in the group is so encouraging and fun to workout with.

I originally started working out with iBelieve Fitness with the simple intension to be fitter and the promise of reducing stress, but now I can say I am not only fitter, but also have achieved a new toned body shape and new levels of strength together with reducing my stress levels too!end-quaote

Kun has been training with us since 2013 and participates in Night Squad and Saturday Squad 3 times per week

Sony Corporate Squad Program

start-quaote Di’s outdoor group fitness program has been instrumental to our employee health and well-being program for over a year, and we couldn’t be happier with her service. Her program really met our needs due to its suitability for participants of all fitness levels, making it very inclusive for all employees to participate. 

Di really knows her stuff and is such an encouraging and motivating trainer, making the sessions fun and keeps everyone working hard! Employees have said how much they love being able to de-stress after work, build their fitness levels while having fun and also meet people outside of their usual team setting. 

Results really speak for themselves – fitness testing at each session has shown improvements in fitness, noticeable weight loss among our ‘regulars’, and seeing them make healthy lunch choices at the canteen. There has been a definite improvement in staff engagement and the program availability shows that we care about staff well-being. Participants really enjoy the program, and we always have people signing up for the next session before it’s even advertised because they don’t want to miss out!

 We can highly recommend Di’s program for any company wanting to help improve their employees’ health, well-being and staff engagement end-quaote

Fiona Ball, Sony Human Resources Coordinator


Amelia Brown – Mum of 3, Putney

start-quaote At my 6 week post birth check-up, I was 97kgs. It was the heaviest I had ever been. Not happy with myself, feeling like my weight making me feel somewhat depressed. I would ask myself was I ever going to find myself again?

I procrastinated for weeks, pressure from my fiancé and seeing my weight issues was also affecting my 3 kids, there and then I decided to change my life. I did a lot of research as I tried the gym and other personal trainers which didn’t suit my mummy lifestyle.

I then came across ibelieve fitness “Mummy Bootcamp” and gave Di a call, she reassured me I wasn’t the only one finding it hard getting back into exercise after child birth. I was sceptical about starting but the trial soon changed my mind, it was actually fun. Di was motivating and the other like-minded mums made it so easy to fit in.

I now attend 3 days a week. I’ve seen an increase in my fitness and happiness. The expertise and passion Di adds to each session helps me to push myself physically and mentally. This is exactly what I needed to find myself again. Thanks Di!end-quaote

Amelia has been training with us since May 2015 & participates in Mummy Bootcamp three times a week

Sarah Merrick – Mum of 2, Putney

start-quaote Pre baby I was at the peak of my fitness. After having my daughter I didn’t feel anywhere near as positive about my body or my fitness level as I once did. I joined Mummy Bootcamp to not only improve my fitness but to also show my daughter a healthy lifestyle and so that she can see her mum happy and active and enforce a positive body image.

When my daughter was little, I enjoyed the openness and support of the sessions when I needed to attend to her needs during class around naps and breastfeeding. I also enjoy the support and guidance I gain from working along side other like-minded mothers in the group. Di has a great knowledge on post natal exercise and is very adaptable to ensure that each person is doing an activity within their own fitness level and she also works around any past injuries or limitations.

Each class is different and motivating and thanks to Di i do feel that my fitness, flexibility, strength and endurance has vastly improved. I always leave class feeling invigorated and re-energised. My daughter also loves being able to not just be near me during my workout but also play with her new little friends at each classend-quaote

Sarah participates in Mummy Bootcamp three times a week since having baby no.2

Heidi Debrincat – Mum of 2, Ryde

start-quaote I started training with Di 8 weeks after my little girl was born and I was in a terrible state of fitness. I couldn’t do a sit up, couldn’t run and was out of breath very easily. In just 6 months I am running again! I’ve got more energy and have lost a lot of my pregnancy weight.

Di is so supportive and was quick to suggest alternatives to accommodate my new mummy body. The Nanny Service is also fantastic – I have peace of mind that my little one is in safe hands during my workout.

I would recommend Di in a heartbeat !!end-quaote

Heidi participated in Mummy Bootcamp before returning to work following maternity leave

Belinda Mirenzi – Mum of 2, Carlingford

start-quaote I would love to thank you Di for everything you have taught me. I came to you with very little, if not any fitness at all and in the past 9 months I have become the walker to the runner and I have gone from no muscle to muscle tone. I have lost ALL the baby weight I put on during my 2 pregnancies, and without you pushing me and understanding all my needs I don’t think I would have been able to do it.

My favourite thing about Di’s Mummy Bootcamp classes is all the different variety of exercises and activities we receive from session to session which gives me so much more opportunity to push myself for the best workout. Nanny Julie is also wonderful and helps keep my kiddies in line so I can squeeze in my workout with complete focus.

I am now a confident mummy and have so much more energy in my everyday life – thank you again for changing my lifestyle into a fitter, stronger and healthier one!end-quaote

Belinda has been training with us since April 2015 and participates in Mummy Bootcamp twice a week

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