Isabella Fabrizio – Mum of 2, Ryde

start-quaote I started training with Di nine weeks after having my first baby. Combined with the Mummy Bootcamp training sessions and a good diet I have lost over 22kg’s in 4 months.

 Di was really supportive of my goals and my “ME” time at training. On the days where I thought that I would never get my fitness back, Di was so encouraging telling me that I would get there and I have! I train with Di 2 times a week – 3 times if I can – and on the days where I need to bring my baby its comforting to know that she is welcome and has spent many mornings on Di’s hip comforting her, while I get to train. 

 The training sessions Di offers are diverse and cater for all fitness levels. After each work out I feel challenged & energetic, ready to start the day with my little one. My fitness levels have improved greatly and exercises that I could not do when I first started I can do now which is so exciting! Di reminds me where I started and picks up on things I have improved on during class which is such a great motivator for me and makes me want to work harder. I think I even have more muscle tone now than I did pre baby!

I would not have reached my goals without ‘ibelieve’ fitness and Di’s encouragement & motivation. I thought I would only do the sessions until the baby weight came off, but I really enjoy the classes so I continue to attend 

Isabella now has 2 bubs and participates in our Sunrise Squad and Mummy Bootcamp classes twice a week

Mal Moldrich – Macquarie Park

start-quaote Since training with Di I have improved my fitness and changed my eating habits and lost 8kgs! – seriously the best fitness thing I’ve ever done! I’ve never engaged in a fitness activity like this before and now I’m up to 3 classes a week. My work performance has also improved – I can think more clearly and have more confidence in myself and what I’m doing.

I’ve been training with Di for over a year now and it’s been absolutely amazing. Di’s sessions are engaging and exhausting at the same time, but after every one I feel fantastic! I love Di’s style of outdoor training as I play a lot of outdoor sport – her style keeps me engaged and motivated with lots of variety.

A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU! I recommend Di’s outdoor training program to anyone

Mal has been training with us since Feb 2014 and participates in Night Squad, Night Boxing & Saturday Squad classes

Sue Harper – Mum of 2, South Turramurra

start-quaote I had no idea how affordable and fun outdoor group exercise could be! And on top of that I can attend a tailored program for mum’s returning to exercise. Di has so much patience for our little kids on the sideline, making it easy for us to participate.

Di’s programs are first class, fun and social too. She is very energetic, friendly and she has a great understanding of Fitness, goals & nutrition – it is like having a PT, life coach & nutrition expert in one! With children, life can get stressful and energy can be zapped, but since going to Di’s group PT sessions, I feel like my energy is coming back and I feel fitter and healthier, with an ‘awakening’ body & mind. Absolutely love working out with Di!end-quaote

Sue has been training with us since 2013 and participates in our Mummy Bootcamp program

Sarah Barrett – Mum of 2, Ermington

start-quaote Every week I can’t wait to get back to my Night Squad Bootcamp class! The timing of the evening class is really fantastic as it fits in with my family commitments and I love the variety that Di ensures is in each class. It’s fun and also challenging.

I feel so great at the end of each and every class and I have made new friends along the way.

I really appreciate Di’s flexibility with her approach should I miss a class and I love that I can pick up an additional class at a great rate. Thank you Di! Highly recommended!end-quaote

Sarah has been training with us since 2014 and participates in our Night Squad Classes

Mel M – Macquarie Park

start-quaote I believe so much in training with Di that I gave up my gym membership and now workout only with Di and the team at ibelieve fitness. I started training with Di back in Feb 2014 at Wednesday Night Squad Bootcamp, and I enjoyed it so much that I have since taken up Monday Night, Tue Sunrise Squad, Thur Boxing and Saturday classes as well.

Di’s training style really works for me – sessions are well prepared, varied and challenging, yet still loads of fun. I always leave training feeling like I have had such a good workout and re-energised.

Since training with Di I have lost over 20kg’s, gained muscle and noticed so many changes in my body shape. I have so much more energy and strength plus I am also so much happier. I love hearing other people comment on the changes in me as well which makes me feel so great!end-quaote

Mel has been training with us since Feb 2014 and participates in 5 classes per week across Night Squad, Sunrise Squad, Boxing Squad and Saturday Squad Class.


Sam Rochester – Mum of 2, Ryde

start-quaote I have always resisted getting a personal trainer, thinking I could do it myself, I could lose those last few baby kilos on my own; tone up to look like Miranda Kerr. But the fact was, I wasn’t! I always found something more important to do for my family or around the house.

It was when I was careering towards turning 40 that I decided to give Di’s fitness sessions a go. In one of my first sessions, Di asked me what were my key fitness objectives and my response was Ï want a bikini body for my 40th birthday!” Not much to ask?

Thank you Di for your positive training style, understanding and patience. We always work super hard but have loads of laughs along the way. Your sessions are always fun and challenging. It takes a very special person to inspire a group of mums especially with a load of little ones hanging on the sideline and now i’ve stepped up my training to include the Express Format Night Squad sessions I feel fitter and stronger than ever!end-quaote

Sam has been training with us since 2013 and participates in Mummy Bootcamp and Night Squad sessions

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