Time to Reset

15 Oct 2017, The start of a new term always excites me. Whether you have fallen off track from your original goals or you already achieved something amazing at the end of your last training period, the beginning of a new term always presents a chance to reset and refocus your goals in order to strive for a new achievement by the end of term.

Here are some things that you may like to consider:

1/ Set a Realistic Goal. Setting yourself an unachievable goal just sets you up for failure. So be realistic in the goal you set yourself, whether it be weight loss, changes in dress size, cardiovascular fitness, strength or tone – make sure it is a ‘SMART’ goal – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant/realistic and timebound.

2/ Create a positive mindset. Reset your mind and focus on the positive steps you need to take to achieve your end goal. Mind over Matter plays such an important part. Create a vision board of what you want to achieve or how you want to feel at the end of the day. Don’t let negative self talk or self-doubt cloud your goals. Instead set yourself some positive mantra’s and routine to help you navigate your path to achievement.

3/ Preparation. Set yourself up for success with preparation at the start of the week. This can include cleaning out the pantry and fridge on the weekend and restocking with fresh fruit and vegetables and making time to meal prep particularly if you are going to be busy – like cooking up some healthy stir fries and freezing them for meals on the go when you just don’t have time during the frantic work week. I also recommend preparing your healthy snacks, like portioning out ziplock bags of almonds, or cut veggies with a bit of hummus ready to go or making up some bliss balls to grab on the go. Working out what you are going to eat for the week helps you stay on track and means you are less likely to grab convenience fast foods. Remember, you can’t out run a bad diet. 80% of your focus for weight loss goals should be getting your food right. 20% will be your exercise. Lastly I also use the start of the week to give my water bottle a good clean out – including the straw and suction valve if you have a Camelbak Water bottle like me as it always gets super grimy!

4/ Schedule your Workouts and Stick to them! Get your workouts on the calendar and treat them as important health appointments – just like you wouldn’t cancel an appointment with the doctor. Don’t let other stuff get in the way. Make sure you work around your workouts – not the other way around. This is so important during Term 4 when end of year functions and get togethers can start to get in the way and lead you off track. You need to stay committed in order to achieve results so always find a way to work around your scheduled workout time.

5/ Challenge Yourself. Assess the effort you are putting in during your workout. Can you step it up a level? Just going through the motions won’t necessarily give you the results that you really want. Go on just try a little bit harder at your next workout. Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.

I hope this helps set yourself up for success for the new term. I’d love to hear things you are implementing to start the new term off right and what goals you have set out to achieve. Just drop me an email any time di@ibelievefitness.com.au

Best wishes and happiness always, Di xo

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