Tips for Navigating End of Year Parties

19 Nov 2017, It’s the silly season and end of year functions and parties are plentiful, so what’s the best way to ensure you can navigate your way through without sending your health and fitness progress backwards?

My Top Tips!!

1/ Never Turn Up on an Empty Stomach! – Head out with something nutritious in your belly. This way you avoid filling up on party food snacks and nibbles that are most probably lacking in nutritious value.

2/ Offer to Take a Plate of Food – if there’s an opportunity to get involved and take a long a plate of food, this way you can be guaranteed that there is at least one thing healthy to opt for at the party. Simple ideas include a Fruit Platter, Veggie Sticks with Hummus Dip, Mini Vegetable Frittatas. The fruit is a great idea with so many great yummy seasonal fruits on offer at this time of the year – my favourite is mango and pineapple….a hit with adults and kids alike!

3/ Schedule Your Workouts – Get them on the calendar first and work around them. Then if you have absolutely no choice for those super important functions that clash, make sure you reschedule/shift them around to another time to ensure you don’t miss out. Just make sure you get something active done even if you can’t make it to your scheduled class. Now you can’t outrun a bad diet, so don’t forget this isn’t a license to get your workout done and then go and over eat or fill up on junk! Everything should be in moderation!

4/ Avoid the Alcohol Binge – absolutely go ahead and celebrate but do it in moderation. A glass of wine or the odd cocktail isn’t going to hurt you, but an alcohol binge isn’t going to do you any favours. Alcohol as a diuretic is full of empty calories, and this means your body wastes energy ridding it from your system before it can even start on burning anything else off. Besides, nobody enjoys a hang over and you don’t want to be the drunk at the party either! Not a nice way to celebrate!

5/ Drink Plenty of Water  – Ensure you are getting plenty of water including extra on hot humid days and exercise days! This helps you rid toxins from your body, carries essential nutrients to your organs and will also help you avoid over eating helping you stay fuller longer – sometimes your body actually needs water and our brain confuses this signal with hunger. Reach for a glass of water first to make sure you aren’t confusing hunger with thirst!

Most of all have fun during this crazy time of the year, but my advice is always to schedule workouts and balance out your healthy eating with a treat every now and then – this way you are less likely to over indulge with temptations.

Enjoy the end of the year! – Best wishes and happiness always, Di xo

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