Weight Loss Goal Setting

15 Feb 2016 – The start of Term 1 is now well and truly in full swing, and with the recent turn of the New Year loads of people set their eyes firmly on a goal centred around weight loss. But how do you make sure you are successful in achieving your weight loss goal and avoid revisiting the same goal again year in and year out?

Here’s some tips to give you the best chance of success!

  • Make your goal realistic and time bound eg. I want to lose 12kg’s in 6 months
  • Break down your goal into bit size chunks eg. 12kg’s divided by 6 = 2kg’s per month
  • Write down your goal and keep it somewhere visible for you to see each day eg. on the fridge or bathroom mirror, you may like to also include a ‘goal’ photo of yourself. If you’re a mum it may be a pre-baby pic, pre-weight gain or alternatively it may be a photo of someone else you idolise – if you do this, just make sure it’s someone realistic!
  • Commit to your goal – share it with family and friends so they may support you and avoid tempting you with naughty treats, going out to restaurants/cafes with no healthy options or stop you from sticking to your workout plan. You want family and friends to support you during this time. If you have children, you may need extra help with babysitting so you can squeeze in your workout with 100% focus, or workout with fitness groups that provide child minding, or incorporate your kids into your workout with fun park or backyard workouts
  • Grab a buddy to help keep you honest and stick to your workout plan – you are more likely to stay committed this way as you are not only letting yourself down but your buddy as well if you don’t stick to your plan
  • Schedule your workouts – these are important appointments!! Treat your workout like an important appointment with the doctor that you would never miss. Get serious about your weight loss, after all this is your HEALTH. Letting other appointments or other people take priority reduces your commitment and ability to achieve your goals
  • Ensure you plan to exercise at least 30-40mins each day for weight loss goals and also plan your recovery workouts. Mix it up and make sure you are challenged with something new and different to keep your muscles, mind and body challenged. Also schedule a rest day for muscle recovery!
  • Plan ‘active’ weekend activities with family and/or friends that are fun so you just don’t notice you are working out – bike rides, day trips with hikes, long walks by the water, swimming etc.,
  • Get your workout in early so when other things pop up during the day, you’ve already completed it early or if you are an afternoon or evening person, make sure you stay committed and don’t let other excuses or other peoples priorities get in the way of your workout. This is why it’s important to schedule your workout – it’s your top priority on the to do list for the day
  • Remember food is 80% of your puzzle – you can’t outrun a bad diet. And you can’t just diet alone without some form of active exercise to see real serious results. Loads of healthy food ideas on my Instagram page @ibelievefitness
  • Clean out your fridge and pantry and restock with good fuels
  • Get everyone in your household on the same page – including children – you are most likely to succeed when others in the household are all consuming healthy food and supportive of your workout time. Without this support you are creating more of an uphill battle
  • Plan your meals and snacks for the week – go grocery shopping on the weekend and ensure that you have all the right healthy ingredients for the week including your snacks. For mums and dads, you probably already prepare healthy snacks for your children to take on the go, so don’t forget yourself too. Some pieces of fruit or small plastic food box with some cut up veggie sticks or handful of almonds will always come in handy when you are on the go. This works equally well for those in corporate jobs who are running from meeting to meeting.
  • Prepare for the unexpected – cook up some healthy stir fry’s (no rice) and freeze for those emergency nights when you don’t have time to cook or just don’t feel like cooking
  • Ensure you stay hydrated – our brain sometimes confuses thirst with hunger, so next time reach for water before snacking
  • Avoid an obsession with the scales – take measurements and photos so you can the physical changes in your body. You may even notice the difference in the way your clothes fit
  • Be honest and push yourself out of your comfort zone during your workouts – if you train the same, you remain the same – ensure you are mixing up your training rather than sticking with the same mundane workout routine. This challenges your body for results
  • Avoid rewarding yourself with food – especially naughty food! Instead think about other rewards which keep you on track with your goal. eg. new workout clothing, workout gear like a skipping rope or boxing gloves, new runners, healthy magazine, healthy cookbook, recovery massage or a facial. There’s loads of rewards that are much better incentives than bad food
  • Don’t let excuses get in the way – I’ve heard every single one of them…. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too windy, it’s too wet, my child/hubby/wife is sick, i’m sick, my child won’t let me workout, it’s too early, it’s too late, i’m too tired – just get out there and do it! The fact is once you get out there and do it, you start creating endorphins and more energy, so if you are serious about your weight loss you will find a way to make it work and create extra energy for yourself! Just don’t go creating extra road blocks for yourself. Your workout is only a small percentage of the rest of your day. Find a way to make it fit into your day and get organised with healthy food options.

Don’t forget to also review your goal at the end of the month and make necessary adjustments as required eg. did you push yourself enough? did you complete every workout? did you eat the right fuels?

I am also here to help so feel free to reach out at any time. I hope you find these tips useful as you strive towards your weight loss goals. Good luck and most importantly…. stick to your plan!!

Di xo

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