Why You Should Keep Up Winter Training

12 June 2017, Winter Training can be such a struggle sometimes. It’s so much easier to stay warm indoors, snuggle up with layers and hibernate, but staying active over winter can have so many benefits.

1/ It’s so much tougher to get back into a routine after even just 2 weeks off. It’s been proven that muscle strength can be lost after just 2 weeks and while you won’t see any visual loss this quickly, the risk of losing motivation once you get out of a routine is most probably at the greatest risk and for those of us non-seasoned athletes, it can also be physically tough to get back into the swing of things too.

2/ Staying Active helps with circulation, boosts energy and mentality. Keep those sluggish winter feelings at bay by keeping up the routine, keeping the body moving and your mind active to help minimise stress levels. Stay focused on those post-workout vibes, rush of endorphins and energy to get you through those days where the cold weather might get you down.

3/ Boost your immunity – by keeping active, you are improving blood flow and those immune cells are then circulating the body helping to fight off infection. Staying active also forces you to stay more hydrated helping to flush out bad toxins and send essential vitamins and minerals to your organs.

4/ Summer Bodies Are Made in Winter – it’s an old saying but so true. Waiting until the warmer weather hits in Spring leaves you little to no time to get back in shape in time for beach season. The effort you put in now will mean you are looking great in time for those summer bbq’s, festivals and just simply hanging out with friends and family.

5/Avoid Excess Winter Kilos – there is no denying that sedentary lifestyles lead to weight gain and other potential health issues. Staying active during all seasons reduces health risks and potential weight gain issues.

So let’s embrace the cold season – winter solstice (shortest day of the year) is almost here – coming up on June 21, and this means we are then on the upside of warmer things to come. Before you know it warmer weather will be here, so get focused on the positive benefits, invest in some warm layers, get a great warm training jacket and embrace Winter Training to keep good exercise habits in check.

Best wishes and happiness always, Di xo

PS> Winter Bootcamp and Term 3 Rego’s are now open. Get your Winter Training plan in check and get your registrations in now.

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